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Hot Water Heating

Heat your hot water by converting surplus energy generated by solar PV to heat the hot water in your hot water tanks. Intelligent software will do this automatically.

Solar panels

Grid Trade

New grid trade tariffs launched in 2019 can be far more lucrative than the previous government feed in tariffs that ended April 2019. New Grid Trade tariffs mean you can now trade surplus energy with the national grid to give you an income from your solar panels. This income is taken directly from your energy bills and uses AI technology to trade on your behalf. Grid trading or grid balancing uses a section of your battery storage to trade energy with the national grid at peak times, when the grid needs electricity.

Solar Panels in 2019

Solar Panels can still be a great investment in 2019, with the new grid trade tariffs available you could still make up to £30,000 from your roof over a 20 year period!

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