Solar PV

Solar Panels are still a great choice if you want to save money on your electricity bills, even without the Government tariff they still make financial sense.

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Solar Battery Storage

By adding a battery storage solution to your solar installation, you can make maximum usage of the energy generated by your solar panels. You can also trade this energy with grid trade.

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Solar Iboost

If you have an immersion heater, surplus electricity generated by the panels can be converted in to hot water and stored in your tank to be used later on when you get home.

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Since 1993

Millions of homeowners are converting to solar energy

Over 1 million homes across the UK have already installed solar panels, by installing the latest grid trade technology, many can reduce energy bills by up to 80%

Grid trade tariffs launched by the energy companies now provide an income for homeowners looking to trade their energy with the national grid at times of peak demand.

Grid trading is carried out by artificial intelligence or AI and is paid to in a variety of different income streams.

Even while you are sleeping artificial intelligence will be trying to earn money from your system by trading energy with the national grid.

Grid trade incentives have paved the way to even larger savings than previously experienced with the old government tariffs.


Better than free solar panels

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