How Much Money Can Solar Panels Save You Annually in the UK?" title="How Much Money Can Solar Panels Save You Annually in the UK?

The #1 reason why people go solar is to save money.  After installing photovoltaic (PV) panels on your rooftop, you’re able to power your home and appliances with free sunshine instead of expensive grid electricity.

It’s a nice concept, but the United Kingdom is infamous for its overcast skies and feeble sunshine.

If you do decide to go solar in the UK, how much money can you really save?

Average Solar Energy Savings in the UK

As the above infographic reveals, you can save quite a bit of money.  A standard 4 kW solar installation offers savings of roughly £653 a year (on average), which means you could potentially offset a £55/month electricity bill to £0.

This is a countrywide average, of course.  If you live in Wick or Kirkwall, your annual savings might be closer to £600.  And if your home is in Brighton or Cambridge, those savings range between £700 and £730.

These numbers also assume that your property is ideally suited for solar power.  In other words, your home has:

  • A South-facing roof with a 40° pitch (i.e. slant)
  • Zero to little shading from surrounding trees and buildings

Not every home fits these criteria.  So does it still make sense to go solar in the UK?

Average Solar Savings for the Less Than Average Home

Obviously, some homes are better suited for solar than others.  Your roof might face West instead of South – or you might have limited sunshine exposure because of too many trees.

Even with these hurdles, you can still save a lot of money provided that:

  • Your home’s EPC rating is D or higher
  • Your installation is completed by a MCS-certified installer

Why are these requirements so important?

These additional criteria ensure that your installation qualifies for the UK’s feed-in tariff – a lucrative incentive that allows you to monetize your solar energy and really boost the long-term savings of your clean power investment.

Even if your home isn’t a “solar powerhouse,” you’ll still have extra money in the bank month after month.

Moreover, those savings will only grow with time.  The above infographic shows average savings in the first year.  As utility electricity becomes more expensive, your solar panels shield you from these future price hikes.  In the UK, electricity rates continue to rise about 4.56% annually.  However, with dwindling fossil fuel resources and an ever-increasing global population, it’s reasonable to expect utility rates will rise even faster in the years ahead.

With PV panels on your rooftop, you won’t have to worry about those rate changes as much.

A Few Additional Thoughts about Solar Savings

Going solar isn’t just good for your bank account – it’s also good for the planet.  Your local utility company relies predominantly on fossil fuel to power the grid.  By tapping into a clean and infinite source of energy, you’re able to generate both financial and environmental savings.

This is only the beginning.

Saving money is the #1 reason why homeowners go solar.  However, thanks to programs like the feed-in tariff, installing panels offers so many other benefits.  To understand these additional perks, be sure to read our comprehensive guide on the Incredible Economics of UK Residential Solar.

If you’re ready to take the next step, request a free no obligation quote comparison from trusted solar installers in your area.