Some believe installing solar photovoltaic (PV) panels will add to their list of household chores:

  • Every spring, they’ll have to wash their panels at the same time they’re cleaning out their gutters.
  • And periodically, they’ll have to repair or tweak their installations to ensure that the electricity keeps flowing.

If you own your solar installation, you are technically responsible for maintenance and cleaning.  But it’s easy to overestimate the amount of work that goes into PV panel upkeep.

Let’s take a look.

What Does Solar Panel Maintenance Entail?

A lot less than you think.  Unlike other power-generation technologies, solar installations have no moving parts.  This means that breakages are extremely rare.  In fact, a professionally installed system can last for decades with zero to no upkeep.

This is why solar panel manufacturers offer warrantees of 25+ years.  Such guarantees are an incredibly safe bet for them.  And this kind of protection is great for you – the consumer.

Moreover, many reputable installers also offer workmanship warranties and performance guarantees:

  • Workmanship warranties protect you from any malfunctions resulting from improper installation.  The exact terms and conditions vary.  But 5 to 10 years of extended support is fairly standard.
  • Performance guarantees protect you from unexpected dips in solar power production.  If your system doesn’t perform as promised, the installer will compensate you, fix the issue, or both. A guarantee of 90% performance in 10 years and 80% performance in 25 years by manufacturers is the industry norm.

Do You Need to Clean Your Solar Panels In the UK?

Many solar installation companies provide value-added services like panel cleaning.  But surprising research from UC San Diego suggests that this extra step isn’t necessary.  After studying California solar installations during drought conditions, engineers from the University determined that panel performance fell less than 8% over a 145-day period.

In other words, professional cleaning isn’t worth it.  Not in dusty, dry California – and certainly not in the rainy United Kingdom.  You will have to clear off your panels if they get covered with snow.  But that’s the extent of most solar panel cleaning.

If you lease your PV installation, your job becomes even easier.

Let’s see why that is.

Solar Panel Leasing – Zero Maintenance Required

When you lease your solar PV panels, the lessor handles all maintenance and cleaning.  You don’t have to lift a finger.  You only pay for the clean electricity that your rented panels produce.  So if those panels ever break or underperform, the lessor loses money.  It’s in their best interest to fix the problem ASAP.

Seems pretty reasonable, doesn’t it?  Solar installations don’t require much maintenance to begin with.  But if and when intervention is required, you’re fully covered.

If you’ve delayed installing panels because you hate household chores, think again.  Going solar is a hassle-free, low maintenance investment.

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