In the United Kingdom, many homeowners delay going solar because they think PV panels look bad.  The technology is jarring and doesn’t mesh well with traditional rooftops.

In other words, they believe solar panels are ugly. 

Unlike the other articles in this series, solar aesthetics aren’t really a myth.  How you feel about the technology ultimately comes down to personal preference.  We’re not here to convince you one way or the other.  But we’d like to share why so many UK homeowners really do like the way their solar panels look.

Are Solar Panels Truly Ugly?

There was a time when all solar panels came in the same black or blue variety.  You didn’t have much choice in the matter.  But today’s PV technology comes in a wide range of styles and colors.  You can even buy “solar shingles” that look and act just like normal roof tiles. 

You’ve probably seen some of these newer panels and not even realized it.  That’s how invisible they are.

Sometimes these enhancements diminish the overall power output of your installation.  But they look pretty darn slick. 

Finding the Beauty in Traditional Solar Panels

Let’s take the worst-case scenario.  You end up with standard black or blue panels that contrast sharply with your traditional red-tile roof. 

How do you find the beauty in that? 

Well, pause for a moment and remember why so many of us go solar in the first place.  You’re not only saving money on your bills, you can actually make money from your installation (thanks to the feed-in tariff).  In fact many PV systems throughout the UK deliver higher returns than what you’ll find with pension funds or Wall Street (it’s true).

There’s a lot of beauty in having a larger bank account – one that continues to grow for the next 25+ years.  That’s pretty attractive, don’t you think? 

You know what’s also beautiful?

Having a cleaner and greener planet.  Solar doesn’t pollute and by installing PV panels on your rooftop, you’re helping to make the world a better place. 

There’s a lot of beauty in that.

Wearing Your Solar Panels with Pride

If discretion is your thing, you can always commission a solar installation that blends seamlessly with your existing rooftop.  With some of the newer panel options out there, your PV system will be 100% invisible. 

But many homeowners want the world to know they’ve made an environmentally responsible and financially savvy investment.  And far from being an eyesore, they view their solar panels as badges of honor.

Want to wear your own solar panels with pride? 

Let us help you connect with a reputable installer in your neighborhood.  That way, you can use those “ugly” solar panels to slash your electricity bill and reduce your carbon footprint.

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